LMML Volume 1 with Steve O’Sullivan, Alexander Einetter, Diogo Magalhães, Avos

Time for some fresh deep house music! A new 12” vinyl disc under the name of LMML Volume 1 is ready to be released at a new, but extremely promising label – LMML(LowMoneyMusicLove). LMML Volume 1 will be released at the end of November 2013 and it will be soon available on stores. It’s the first release for this music label and altough a newcomer to the area of house and techno, LMML love to share their musical vision and have managed to bring some very minimalistic artists and unusual combinations of old sounds with new grooves.

On one side of the disc New Tricks or in other words the collaboration between Alexander Einetter and Diogo Magalhaes (O’ld Dog) invites you to discover their mysteries. The B side is shared by Chop Suey and his Life Story and by none other than Steve O’Sullivan and his Aoide. The mighty O’Sullivan slowly takes you into a journey from house to dub techno.  

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