Louer on the latest Archipel release

Louer is Nicolás Ballesteros of Argentina who brings to Archipel his beautifully warm and floating EP entitled “C++“. Initiating the journey is “Centinela” which is a delicate yet solid form with percussion like a glittering cloud floating through dazzling light in fractal form where rays of arpeggiated light flourish and coil from within.

Jacobin Pigeon” is a quirky and elegant generator of deep hypnosis where voices reverberate in one’s head from the edges of an oncoming dream while “Secret Smile” takes us on an elevator ride into darker tinted worlds which still remain positive and radiant in their content.

Shakinghand” is what it is like to glide gently within the corona of a star in hues unseen to the eyes but only to the mind while “Ventana” is like sliding smoothly along the curves of an arching coronal flare. “Unarius” spends a period of time immersing us in a realm of contorting liquid crystals which emit glimmering refractions in perfect synchronization.


1. Secret Smile

2. Shackinghand

3. Unarius

4. Ventana

5. Jacobin Pigeon

6. Centinela

Source : Archipel

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