Luca Lozano , Promo Mix

Also while listening to the Johanna Knutsson edit we’ve stumbled on a nice promo , from another Klasse Recordings artist, Luca Lozano . You should definetely hit play and enjoy .


Ian Mackaye Intro
Mass Prod – 72 Minutes of Scrubs a day – Bosconi Records
Luca Lozano – Heaven and Hell (Penner & Muder Remix) – Klasse Recordings
Axel Boman – Purple Drank – Pampa Records
Tricksi – Pill Collins – Suol
Luca Lozano – Heaven and Hell – Klasse Recordings
Johanna Knutsson – Heavy Baby – Klasse Recordings
Luca Lozano – Got it together (David Keno Remix) – Klasse Recordings
Blake Baxter & Marc Romboy – Muzik (Kink Remix) – Systematic Records
Luca Lozano – Got it together – Klasse Recordings
Robert Rodriguez – Ride with me (Pol_On Remix) – Black Label
Donna Mcghee – Make it last forever (Mr. Ho Edit) – Klasse Recordings

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