Malin Genie “Sense of Swing” EP review

Nick Putman aka Malin Genie released his first EP in 2012. Since then the Amsterdam/Paris based DJ and producer joined Mandar along with Samuel Andre Madsen aka S.A.M and Lazare Hoche with whom he also co-owned the label Oscillat.

Although the tracks on this EP have been selected by all three guys from Oscillat, Sense of Swing was produced only by Malin Genie. From the beginning till the very end the EP sounds as if this guy woke up one morning and managed to create the most natural, harmonious sounds, right there and then, without putting in a lot of thought in the process.

The A side of the EP hosts Sense Of Swing, with its groovy, deep house flavours and Propter which is quite the opposite, a more loopy track with dark musical touches.

On B side Malin Genie gives life to Redskap, filled with percussive sounds that will make you dance until you drop and Ulux, with dub-techno influences played in strong reverb.

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