Mara Trax to release on Perlon

Maayan Nidam and Vera Heindel met in 2006. Based on friendship and the love for music in general, their project MARA TRAX was founded shortly after that. First starting to Dj and touring together, it did not take long until the first production was done. Releases on Oslo and Cyclical Tracks followed, a well as a constribution to the Superlongevity compilation in 2010.

The duo is preparing to launch their latest ep, this time on the famous Perlon label. The ep is called “Sensibilia” and it will contain two tracks: “Words of love” and “Murphys laugh“. The ep should enter pre-sale status on 3rd of March 2012 so better watch out for this one, as always Perlon releases go out almost instantly.

More info here.

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