Marcin Czubala launches own Label “Your Mama’s Friend”

Having been one of the jewel’s in Mobilee’s crown for a while now, revered DJ and producer Marcin Czubala is finally stepping out on his own: This month will see the Polish producer launch his own new label, Your Mama’s Friend, with three of his own productions backed by a KRL remix.

“Our sound will definitely focus on new forms of house,” says Marcin. “We are taking a lot of influence from the UK scene right now, and are sort of merging bass and post dubstep into 4/4 at this early stage. There will be much more than this, though, as we are not going to limit ourselves. We just want the music to be innovative.”

As well as aiming to deliver fresh electronic sounds, the label will also place great worth in the overall artistic value of the product, with great artwork and all important vinyl pressings a key concern for Marcin… “We are working exclusively with the legendary Dubplate & Mastering in Berlin to deliver the best quality records possible.”

The first three releases will come exclusively from Polish artists, as Marcin is keen to show off a developing Polish scene to the world. In time, though, the scope of the imprint will not be limited. “For me” he says “music has no boundaries, is multicultural and international and we will keep it like this.”

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