Marko Nastic, Nightclubber Podcast 26

Our 26th Nightclubber Podcast is special in many ways . First of all because it comes from the serbian heavyweight Marko Nastic , who is known for his underground roots and also as being one of the pioneers of electronic music in Serbia , and secondly because he agreed to respond to a series of questions for us , so an interview along with the podcast .

1. Hello Marko how is everything going ?

Everything is super nice, I’m currently staying in ibiza for the rest of the 2011 season and had amazing time going to the Supreme! party scene. As the month of september 8th is my birthday month  I am just relaxing with my amazing new friends and old ones enjoying this magical island.

2. What can tell us about the island ?

The island is perfect if you use it in the right way. Apart from big parties with great line-ups such as the Coccoons,Circo Loco and Cadenza, you have delicious food and some of the most beautiful places, Cala Salada, Es Cavallet, Cala Jondal –  for sunset: Es Vedra – Cala D’hort, Beniras.

3. Every dj has it’s own favorite place where he usually drops the best gigs , what would be yours ?

At the present moment in my eyes i see the event venue would be KC grad in Belgrade, setup is Top! Sound system to me is good to great there and the crowd is really cool!

4. When was your last gig in Romania and where ?

The last gig I believe i performed was at club Midi , Cluj Napoca. Really enjoyed the party we accomplished and can’t wait to return to Romania as very exotic and beautiful people combined with a super unbelievable scene.

5. Is the romanian music scene diferrent that other places , good/worse ?

I actually love the romanian music scene, lots of good artists i look forward to hearing there productions. So i see it as better then good the scene at present!

6. Besides your label Recon Warriors what can you tell us about the more fresh label Traffica ?

Traffica label is a more exuberant style of music, we are focused on and have been looking to be a monumental pedestal for us providing music for the people for a while!
We see that from Recon Warriors label aspect of culture  more niche growth-minded music super cool exotic styles of flare in deep house, funky house, tech-house,techno beats . It will be mainly theses cooped up styles i have been in mass patience waiting to releases with special remixes from other artists. We should see in the upcoming months many spectacular to exceptional releases shortly.

7. I know that as a dj and also as a producer your experience is vast and although you released a lot ep’s and remixes everyone is expecting your album . Can you tell us when will it be released, under what label and so on ?

At the moment I’m working on more EP’s. The reason we have decided in this action is the same reason i have been taking the time and dedication  in my music i produce so i exemplify the beautiful sounds to the people as they are who, what, where, when and why i made and make it for all not just to dance but jump crazy all night!
For my fans and music tastemakers , i have made a firm decison to all who are ready, willing, and able to hear all of my new music i produce and will be providing a niche platform with my music available in future everywhere itunes, we are planning a iphone app , smartphones , via all social media as we are looking to make this a new standpoint for Marko Nastic!
If you love Marko Nastic music? I have decided as your lover; to make sure I provide with all the loving admiration the ability globally in every language, to find listen and purchase every remix,ep, special live sets and  “Music for the Body & Soul” radio shows as we have now syndicated globally this September now on Pulse Radio , B92 , Saturn Radio and so many more networks in 7 continents.

8. So this summer has been on fire , besides your gigs , you have released a new EP + some remixes . Can you give us some details ?

This summer was super hot! It was a great experience that included lots of crazy destinations and unbelievable global party and festival events!
With regards to ep releases my team and i at all times when possible are releasing new head bangers to rock the dancefloors we are 24/7 engaging with our global social media marketing campaign towards the goal my music is for the people everywhere in every language possible in the world so they have the opportunity to listen, purchase and engage in my productions,news and tour dates.
This September,  I have just released “MELTIN POINT” which is an original mix of mine on  Amazing Records and Morocco (Drumpunch marko nastic remix) in which i collaborated with Igor Krsmanovic.

We are actually seeing unbelievable feedback and awesome international word of mouth through twitter with over 12k tweets and facebook from these 2 debuts which i did not expect to happen honestly!

9. I’ve heard your album under the moniker Fatboy Jr. , what can you tell us about “him” as a producer and gigwise ?

Fatboy Jr. is my alter ego. It started as a joke, but became a real project. It was mainly in the beginning for the Balkan crowd as all the lyrics are in Serbian. With that being said like the Recon Warrior label we are in the process of evolving Fatboy Jr. into a collosal performance which will consist with many collaborations of artist from different regions and audio and visual effects. Something extraordinary for the people to quiver when we make it available! The first sequel was a huge success with a exceptional number of free downloads as we centered on the Serbian Region and demogrophic as our test market. We had made it a project to provide to 250.000 people a year free that come to the Exit Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia as I appreciate every last one of them as that is what makes the difference in my music the people surrounding it! This is why the name is “Fatboy Jr.  Music For The People“.

10.  As an underground platform we stumbled across many young talented romanian and non-romanian dj’s, we would like to know what names we should look after in the future (serbian or other) ?

What we will be seeing in my eyes in the future is alot of music substance from artist such as  Dejan Milicivic, Marko Milosavljevic, Subotic, Stojce, Aneuria, Sound Difusion , Kobaya. These artist i believe have quite the potential to leep into the new genre of house,techno and techo house underground productions going forward. We are also looking to see possible collaboration released on my label and all 100% in our “Fatboy Jr. Music for the People” continuing project.

11. We all seen Marko Nastic as a dj , but we would want to know something as Marko as a day by day person ? Hobbies , favourite album/tracks/places ?

I like to play squash in my free time and is very cool and relaxing to me. My favorite food is sushi, in which i love to drink sake along with. My passion is vinyl and i am a serious collector.

We would like to thank Marko for the podcast and the interview and we invite you to check our 26th Nightclubber Podcast featuring Marko Nastic.

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