Martin Buttrich , Live at Mio Club (Moscow) 09-11-2010

Martin Buttrich is something of a mystery. Quiet and unassuming in real life, Buttrich is the quintessential silent studio partner. Or at least he used to be.

In collaboration, he’s produced pop (The Sugarbabes), Italo house (Sounds of Life) and progressive (over one hundred collaborations with Timo Maas). He’s even been nominated for a Grammy (remixing Tori Amos ‘Don’t Make Me Come to Vegas’). But it wasn’t until 2006 that Buttrich came to prominence under his own name, releasing 12”s on Four:Twenty, Poker Flat and Carl Craig‘s Planet-E (‘Full Clip’). Buttrich still collaborates, chiefly working behind the studio desk for Loco Dice.

Martin Buttrich runs Time Tools studio in Hannover, Germany but is currently based in New York.

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