Martin Eyerer exclusive interview for

1. How long have you been producing electronic music ?

I produce electronic music since 1992, my first record was released in 1992. It was Faxe Inc – 5,3% e.p on VooDoo Records.

2. What are the the best dj’s and producers in 2010 ?

It would be unfair to name a few , this is never a good idea as there are always ones you forget…. What I can name are guys I always like, respect, and work with: Namito, Stephan Hinz, Chopstick,Robert Babicz, Martin Dawson, Sasse, Oliver Klein, Florian Meindl, Helmut Dubnitzky, Patrick Zigon, Tom Clark and Rainer Weichhold with whom I run Kling Klong together.

3 Can you name the favorite track of 2010 ?

This is definitely impossible. I even find it hard to name an annual top ten but I could easily name 30 favourites.

4 How would Martin Eyerer describe his last release ?

My last “big” release is my album “Tiny Little Widgets”. It was just released last month on BluFin Records. It contains 14 originals and 14 remixes by Thomas Schumacher, Namito, Sasse vs Phonogenic, Martin Woerner, Tigerskin, Florian Meindl, Dubnitzky, Benny Grauer, Nicole Moudaber, Gel Abril, Niko Schwind, Mihalis Safras, Patrick Zigon and Stephan Hinz. The first single “Your Move” was released shortly before – it was feat. Sian Kosheen. In two weeks the next single “Catweasel” will come out including remixes by Nicole Moudaber & Martin Woerner.

5 What about the following plans, project and ideas ?

I am working on a few remixes (for Samuel L Session and a few others), some new projects with Tom Clark, Namito, Martin Dawson and Robert Babicz.

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