Martin Patino, Nightclubber Podcast 29

Coming from the cradle of Italian house, a new generation of beat makers is taking their own unique set of digitally immersed excellence to the clubs and to the streets. At the forefront of these pioneers of spoon fed sound experts is Martin Patino, whose Italian background has in no way overpowered his intense passion for exploring his Peruvian roots.
Whereas others would have been more tentative about their abilities, Patino entered the scene with every intention of making his presence known, diving directly to the forefront of the European house music.

To be honest after listening Martin Patino‘s productions and sets , it comes rather hard to define his style . What we do know is that his sound is in a continuous shift , unexpected, ¬†with a lot of feeling and came for us like a breath of fresh air . We invite you to check our latest Nightclubber Podcast featuring Martin Patino .

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