Masomenos talks with Nightclubber

First of all, hello Joan and Adrien. How are you guys doing?

M : Great! We just welcome our little baby girl, and are having an awesome but exhausting time concealing family life and work.


So, you are back in Romania at a new electronic music festival – Mioritmic – that will take place in an unusual location, the Baciu forest near Cluj-Napoca city. Are you anxious to meet your fans?

M : We’re never anxious to come to meet our romanian fratele! Since the first time in Mamaia, when we were reeeeaaaaallly anxious, it has always been a pleasure to play there, specially in Cluj.

J: hihihin for me it’s a bit weird though cause it’s gonna be my first gig back after 6 month! Exciting and frightening as well.


The line-up is interesting from every listener’s point of view. From the artists who will perform on the 3 stages are there some who you would like to listen to?

  Always curious and happy to listen to Rhadoo :) it’s been a while since last time we did. And there are some names also I don’t really know about, and we’ll be happy to discover.


Regarding yourselves, we are talking about a consistent audio-visual project, 4 Albums and more than 33 EPs from 2008 until now. How was life for the two of you before this project?

Well, we were both acting testing and experimenting our creativity on different medias. With Masomenos it suddenly went more consistent into electronic music. These days we’re opening again to new medias, and are preparing also some numeric art installation.


Sunsun track from Technocolor was like a daydream for us. We don’t know how appreciated the track was, but it’s still on our top choices. Can you tell us something about it?

  A: héhé, it’s nothing less than a love declaration from me to Jo.


Regarding the Welcome To Masomenos [WTM] label, what musical surprises are you preparing for us in the near future?

M: We’re working heavily on audiovisual project, but we are also looking forward to release a new album, in a more laid back mood.


We are also fans of the design behind Masomenos Art  – simple and elegant, can we assume that Joan is responsible for this part?

J: I’m responsible for the drawing but the true Masomenos style is worn by Adrien!


How much did Adrien’s experience as a sound engineer helped in the studio?

  A:  I can not say that I am a sound engineer, I had to learn how to use some gear in order to be independent in the production process, but everything I know is really not academic, I do my best trying to put ideas together and most of the time things better that what I intent to do pop up on there own, I guess it is a mix of chance and patience, trying over and over again ;)


Thank you for this short interview, we wish you all the best. 

Merci Mult! Pe Curand!


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