Meffert & Sannikow, Arapu “Hill Ep” Review

The creative collective of truelovesounds is based in and around Frankfurt. The young label has its focus on ‘undiscovered’ individuals who are driven by the passion for experimental and minimalistic sound of music. It is a platform for those who have the gift to express themselves in music and art – a community made for music lovers.

After a few digital releases it is no wonder that truelovesounds’ first vinyl EP “Hill” is coming from its very own artists Florian Meffert and Sannikow who are delivering a highly complex but also refreshing release. Both tracks are named after two very central areas in Frankfurt, with the simple reason that the majority of the sounds that appear in the tracks are recorded at those places – for instance at some construction sites or at the underground station.By joining forces, Florian Meffert and Sannikow conceive a trippy, mystical and spacious atmosphere with dark features, dense elements and yet rich backgrounds. The EP rounds off with a remix of Arapu who is known for his rhythmic, groovy and enigmatic sound.

A SIDE: Konstabler Hill starts rather soft with a kicking drum and ambient street sounds. From the very beginning of the track the repeating melody sounds like a chain that is evolving within the complexity and follows a lead containing one element after another which are adding up to the previous ones. Those elements of ringing, buzzing and scattered sounds somehow create an image of a city to me – a modern soundtrack version of Fritz Lang’s silent movie ‘Metropolis’ in 1927. In this track you can clearly hear the artists approach to combine those urban sounds with trippy features that let you drift away. Bornheimer Hill is personally my favourite track of this EP and there a couples of reasons why. One of them being that when listening to the track with your eyes shut a sense of darkness evokes and its doomy and vigor line establishes a certain tension to it. This tension remains on all levels of the track while breaking it up with drifts and breaks and a growing melody that is getting more and more present in the middle of the track. Another reason why I like Bornheimer Hill so much are those spacious components that awaken such curiosity and mystery to the listener which will take you into the unknown. The unusual patterns, drifts and breaks are chosen wisely and are put into the right place while the ripping elements of water build a connection to the earth and space and generate an unperturbed movement to the track.

B SIDE: Arapu‘s remix of Konstabler Hill is a great interpretation to the track and in which his signature is unmistakably recognizable by remaining true to his chasing rhythm and breaks. The elements of Konstabler Hill‘s original are accurately and skillfully chosen and the energy that comes from it speaks for itself – the combination of thunderous-like baseline, the deep but decent vocal and an accenting melody shape this track to a club orientated tune with emotional peaks at night.

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