Melchior Productions Ltd. , Apariciones Reworked

Thomas Melchior’s beautiful Apariciones EP has been reworked by two iconic pioneers of electronic music, Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos. This is the first time ever Melchior’s solo material has been remixed, both Baby Ford and Ricardo Villalobos respect this by producing two beautiful gems that show the unique characteristic sound of each artist.

Baby Ford takes on Cinza De Fenix creating a lovely deep and funky adventure that will lighten up any dance floor.Ricardo’s remix of  Todo Mundo jacks things up and strips things down taking us on a dark trippy hypnotizing journey, pure Villalobos magic !

The release will be available in September 2011 on label Lick My Deck .

Melchior Productions Ltd. – Todo Mundo (Ricardo Villalobos “Todo EL” Remix)

Melchior Productions Ltd. – Cinza De Fenix (Baby Ford Remix)

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