Micawber – Fasma Yenbashu – SYLPHE08

“After an 8 month long break, Sylphe is back, this time changing things for the first time with a solo EP by the B side dweller, Micawber. He is delivering two solid, thumping techno cuts in the well-known mystifying Sylphe mood. On the A Side we have ”Fasma”, a rolling, melancholic techno jam. Sparkling rhythms meet lamenting melodies in a 10 minute trip of bubbly sub-basslines and transcendent grooves. On the usual B side Micawber is delivering “Yenbashu”. A psyched-out trip into electronics, it moves swiftly into an experimental territory of madness, full of edgy and shuffled up beats. Both cuts remain true to the sound Sylphe has forged, albeit taking a sharper turn and evolving naturally.”

credits: deejay.de

Release : 30.06.2015

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