Mihigh at MIDI on 17 January 2014

Mihigh is the resident of Club Midi starting 2007 and defines his stuff as ‘dirty old school underground music’. Equally playing minimal house and techno, in the deepest way around, Mihigh is able to offer a different vibe to each party.

Starting 2007, he’s been in the spotlight of some of the best parties around the country, from Sunwaves after hours on the beach, to the 9th anniversary of Sunrise and doubtlessly, all the Midi events.

2013 was a very prolific year for the romanian artist, Mihigh launching his first EP together with fellow romanian artist Arapu (Obscurantism EP on BodyParts Records) and some memorable performances behind the booth, like the outstanding set at Sunwaves on 1st of May.
Abroad, Mihigh played in Italy, Echoes Club – RimminiAltavoz Festival Venice, Berlin and shared the booth with Ricardo Villalobos, Arpiar, Sasha, Steve Lawler, Zip, Marco Carola and more.

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