Mihigh, Nightclubber Podcast 49


We start the week with a new Podcast episode, featured by Mihigh, a dj that we find particular in many ways. He is a resident and manager of Club Midi starting 2007 and once you hear him djing, you will figure out that his sound is very distinctive and original. Being a music lover since always and electronic music fan of ‘dirty old school underground music’ he’s a minimal house disciple, in the deepest & finest way around. He was kind enough and accepted Nightclubber to interview him for the first time, along with this special episode.

1. Hello Mihigh, how are you?

Fine, thanks.

2. Give us some details about the beginning of your musical journey?

I’m a music lover since childhood but my electronic experience started back in 2000. I was always fascinated by dark beats, I loved house music because back in the days house music meant freedom….now you have house music made by some thief producers, all made with loops and all the drums stolen from old deephouse…so, no more house music… I play more intelligent music and I think there are other zones that must be explored.

3. How did you meet K.D. Chriss and how did the Midi project start?

We know each other for a long time, Midi project started after a lot of years of dancing in the first row :)… wanted to do a proper place to do a party ,from the soundsystem to the music that is played there.

4. Midi is seen nowadays as one the best clubs in Romania and as the manager of the club we have to ask you, what do you think is the “recipe” of its success?

I think is really important to love what you do and do some research before you do it.

5. We know that on a gig scale every step is important, from the warm-up to the after, artist style, hardware support, crowd and so on. Can you describe your particular style according to the terms above and what flexibility and vision should mean for a underground dj/producer?

I think my musical style is more aesthetic these days, the music that I play express my point of view. After a long period of tests and research I’m 100% sure that my approach is correct.

6. Can you give us some details about the Dixieland party concept and what guests we can expect in the near future?

I start Dixieland as a personal project wanting to express my vision of music. Is a special party because the artists are Romanians always and the set is a long 8 hours back 2 back.
The first parties were with Cristi Cons and Herodot, 2 djs and producers that I believe in.
For the next edition you will see Priku and myself in a long back 2 back session in june, we don’t record the sets so be there.

7. What can you tell us about your future gig in London with Soul Capsule?

I’m very happy to play at Rejam’s first bday party. They had a very good idea, booking Soulcapsule, which is a hard to find recipe. It will be an interesting night for sure.

8. What about Mihigh’s future plans? Can we expect some productions?

Yes, you can expect some productions, I only don’t know what will be released and when but keep your ears open you might have a surprise.

9. Can you describe the podcast using three words?

‘’not for everybody’’

10. Thank you Mihigh, for allowing us, to do this  first time interview.

Thank you Nightclubber.

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