Mikkel Metal “Cassini/Mazurski” (TARTELET019)

Artist: Mikkel Metal

Title: Cassini / Mazurski

Cat. No: TARTELET019

Format: Exclusive 12” & digital

Label: Tartelet Records

Release: 12 September 2011

Danish producer Mikkel Metal has been a prominent figure in deep and dub for about 10 years now with releases on well established labels such as Echochord and Kompakt, always delivering a very experimental and enjoyable sound. In this sense, his new release on the Copenhagen based label Tartelet is a bit less experimental and more DJ friendly than what we’ve become accustomed to from the artist, though it adds quite well to the overall vibe that’s presented by the label’s previous releases.

The A side – “Cassini” brings a very mature and soulful sound to the listener with some emotive pads that are almost shivering alongside the powerful deepness of the heavy bassline and raw drums. Adding to the energy of the track is the powerful kick drum that gains and loses layers inside the arrangement while heavily phased synth stabs complement the overall melody pretty well. As it says in the press release, this is a great track for the early hours both of the day and of the night.

On the flip side we’ve got “Mazurski” which is a very colorful and roomy track that is very different from the A side in that it is a bit more “in your face” but still retains a deep perspective. The distorted kick, punchy acid-like stabs and interesting vocal samples add to the roughness of this track in great style.

Following is the dub version of Mazurski which is, as we’d expect, a bit more mellow than the original. The powerful distorted kick is a bit more muted here and all the various elements are fed through what sounds like an old school tape delay to give it that traditional dub flavor.

I really can’t help but point out that this is a very pleasant and refreshing change in sound that I hope will be very well received by all who can appreciate this wonderful release. Mikkel Metal has always delivered that special vibe that’s quite different from the rest, and in that sense, “Cassini/Mazurski EP does not disappoint .


A1. Cassini

B1. Mazurski

B2. Mazurski (dub)(vinyl exclusive)

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