Mistor, Nightclubber Podcast 43


This episode of the Nightclubber Podcast comes from one of our team members – Mistor a young, yet very knowledgeable and experienced DJ and Producer from Cluj Napoca, Romania. He has been a very prominent figure in his home town over the past few years playing regular gigs at clubs such a Raum and Club Midi, while helping to revive the afterhours scene with his residency at Dot Club.

If you were to try and characterize a typical Mistor set, you would fail, since he always brings a different, yet recognizable vibe with a wide range of 4/4 beats, penetrating moods and creative mixing that will take you on a journey from blissful deepness to explosive and intelligent rhythms that will move and fuel you with energy.

A very important aspect of our friend’s life is evolution through understanding. He likes to study the works of pioneers and always adapt those approaches which made them invent new styles and ways of looking at things, in the hope that he will some day be able to leave a legacy, like all those who inspire him have.

Even though he has been producing for a few years now, having studied at Point Blank Music College in London, he is still in that process of refining his sound, trying to approach every style he loves, wether it’s House, Techno, Acid or Dub and find that harmonious middle ground where they all work great together to combine into something unique and moving.

He is wise beyond his years but there is no sign of his thirst for knowledge to ever be quenched.

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