Nadja Lind , Nightclubber Podcast 31

Nadja Lind is a dj/producer from Germany that started spinning records in 2003 and came a long way since then . After playing in many clubs in Europe , including the Space Ibiza World Tour in 2007 , one could say that she established herself a solid career . In 2009 she launched her own label Lucidflow and  also started her Klartraum duo with partner Helmut Ebritsch.

We had the opportunity of asking Nadja a couple of questions , so we attached interview that we invite you to  read before or , even better , while listening to our 31th Nightclubber Podcast featuring Nadja Lind.

1. Hello Nadja how is everything going ?

Hi, thanks for having me I am glad to be here. Going very well actually. I’ve got many collaborations and projects going on with different artists, Lucidflow‘s constantly growing and AD-Bookings has taken me and Klartraum on their formidable artist roster alongside Steve Rachmad, Silicone Soul, Slam and many more. So I can’t complain.

2. Can you give us some details about the beginning of your career ?

I had my very first gig NYE 2003. From then on I have been spinning vinyl, later CDs and Traktor. A friend of mine showed me how to mix vinyls and I immediately got infected. It took me months to prepare my 1st set and I had been unbelievable nervous before my gigs for years – and I am still nowadays. Exaclty 1 year after my first gig I alread played in Delhi/India on NYE 2004 in an amazing club on top of the roof of a tall building, followed by the famous Streetparade Zurich/Switzerland 2005 where i played my very first track that I had finished the night before the parade since i was so nervous that i couldn’t sleep.

I started producing 2004 together with a friend using Cubase which is for my taste much too slow and not intuitive and really hard work for beginners. So all changed for me when I came across Reason! I bought a book “how to” and literally sat down for 3nights and days and worked through it. This was not much fun I am telling you but in the end I succeeded! Later I got in touch with Ableton Live and since then I  have taken to it like a duck to water. Thank you Ableton!

3. We know that you run your own label Lucidflow, could you tell how it all started?

Well me and Helmut ,with who I’ve also been running the producing & live performance team KLARTRAUM together since 2006, decided to found the label because we wanted to have the control about our own releases. It feels much better to have the power to decide what’s being released and when and which artists we want to work with than asking other labels and wait for ages until they eventually take your music. Also there’s a very bad attitutde in this music biz unfortunately so it’s very common that you sign your music to labels and you will never ever hear from their side again. So we thought we better set it up all by ourselves to treat our music nicely and also our artists. So Helmut (who is a wicked programmer) wrote our own tailor-made LUCIDFLOW promotion tool and I’ve been collecting all the DJ contacts and also taking care of the design. It’s been hard work I am telling you but it felt just so right from the very beginning! Our best decision ever besides starting Klartraum . Meanwhile we have such great and well-known artists on our label such as Silicone Soul, Steve Rachmad, G-Man, Terry Francis just to mention very few.

4. What is the difference between Nadja Lind and Nadja Lind as a half of Klartraum ?

All Nadja Lind productions are strictly produced and mixed and  sometimes mastered by myself! I am pointing this out since there are still people who can’t believe that a female producer is capable of all this. So I as Nadja Lind have my very own way of recording and engineering sounds and beats – re-re-re-recording them through different filters but of course when I am working together with Helmut in a Klartraum session I do pretty much the same. The difference is that, since we are working via two synched systems, we have more layers and we are most of the time a little faster than working on our own. Also you can not know what the other will be doing the next moment and so it’s very interesting and often surprising. Every Klartraum session is influenced by our both moods, feelings and anxieties and this is what keeps Klartraum music so different.

5. Personally i’ve listened a lot of your productions and was wondering when is the album coming out?

Nice to hear that . My debut album Nadja Lind - “Brain Candy” was released 22nd October 2011 on beatport and four weeks later in all other shops. It represents several years of my productions and I am very pleased to see it has been chosen as album of the week on EQTV .

6. Besides Lucidflow and Klartraum, that definitely occupies a lot of your time, do you have time for other collaborations?

Oh yes I have and I really appreciate this a lot! I’ve just released my first EP with G-Man aka Gez Varley (LFO) “G-Catz EP” on Lucidflow  09-09-2011. We’ve got awesome reviews and feedbacks on this release and it was so much fun working with one of my greatest role models in the electronic scene. I’ve been fan of his fabulous “Quo Vadis” for many years and just did a remix on his “El-Jem“.

Besides Klartraum my most important project is still with Paul Loraine. He is such a great producer and lovely person and we will be releasing our next EP “Great Mistake” on Lucidflow in a couple of weeks. Fuckin’ great!

I’ve been working on another project with Omar Salgado from Argentina, Ocean Gaya from France, Franco Bianco, Saytek and some other people… also I’ve been doing remixes in-between that you can hear soon on different labels such as Pesto Music, DeepWit Rec., Darkroom Dubs, Etoka

With Klartraum we were just released on the Soma 20th Anniversary with our remix on H-Foundation’s “Slayin’ The Dragon”.

7. Did you played in Romania ? What do you think about the romanian scene ?

Unfortunately I’ve never played there up to now but I hopefully will be playing there soon! As far as I heard the scene must be just absolutely STUNNING!

8. Favourite places/favourite gig ?

There were many but if I had to chose I would say the best festival so far was Kazantip (Ukraine) in August 2011 were we performed Klartraum live as a release party on our “EVOLUTION” album.

9. What does Nadja Lind do in her free time?

Haha – my whole life has been built around or through music so basically there is not much time. Let me think… well, I go to the gym almost every day, I read and work through psychological books, hang out with friends, I love to grow flowers on my roof terrace in Berlin and then meditate there and I enjoy chocolate ice cream in summer and chocolate bars in winter hahaha

10. What other career would you have in mind if it wasn’t for dj-ing and producing ?

Without music I wouldn’t be here on this planet anymore – so I don’t see any other option besides doing what I am doing.

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