Nastia – Maslo EP [NILLA 005]

Years as a DJ have passed bringing forward undeniable irresistible mixes that catch on the soul and don’t let it die. The time has come for Nastia to step ahead, way ahead, by releasing her first ever EP on Nilla label. Vibeing by the name of Maslo, Nilla005 embraces the quality of the beat in two original tracks, created by collecting bits and pieces of underground atmosphere. The Maslo track is mixed by the well-known Fumya Tanaka, the Japanese producer now enriching the world of music from Berlin.

Nastia originates from Ukraine, having been a pro-active girl ever since the school days. Growing into a professional dancer, she turned to spinning and reached the town of Kazantip in 2006, the place where everything seemed to work in her favor. She is now the resident of Arma17 and owns her own label – Propaganda. Uniting both dance and music on brilliant mixing and now on a fascinating release, NastiaMaslo is what you should listen.

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