Nicolas Jaar, First Take

Great documentary style video with a feature of Nicolas Jaar and his live live act. Nicolas speaks on the state of electronic music, his personal aspirations, and influences. He is a true musical prodigy and a student of Browns University. At only 21 years old, he has already made his imprint in the world of EDM with releases that have been hailed in the community as groundbreaking. Nicolas’ world class live show was voted No. 2 on Resident Advisor’s top live acts of 2010 list, we feel it is on a level of its own. The band features Ian Sims on drums, Will Epstein on saxophone and keys, Dave Harrington on guitar / electronics and Nicolas Jaar on piano, vocals and electronics, all done while he orchestrates the band. Musical influences span from jazz, techno, rock, electronica, and more.

Credits : Minimax

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