Nicolas Lutz, Nightclubber Podcast 91

Nicolas Lutz’s music is a story about Montevideo in the 90’s, the influence of Bruno Gervais, his time in London, his creativeness back in South America. His sound is what some would call the experiment of an alchemist mixing the cultural influences of Sao Paolo, Berlin, Paris, Ibiza, with pearls of traditional music and devotional commitment towards the quality of the vinyl production.

Nicolas Lutz adds diversity to our decades of minimal techno and deep house. A true artist indeed, with an impeccable mastering of sound techniques nonetheless, he fascinated the dance floors of D-edge Brazil, Monza at Space Ibiza, Club Der Visionäre Berlin, Toi.Toi.Musik London, and countless others.

Extensively building crossbreed identities of electronic music upon uniquely understandings of cultural intertwining energies, Nicolas Lutz is set to bring us euphoria a lifetime from now on.

Here at Nightclubber, we are thus honored to listen to the podcast he provided for us. Undoubtedly a valuable guest, Nicolas Lutz invites you to make out of this podcast the listening experience of the month. Just Enjoy!

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