Airport Rave

Our ideea was to combine this great lineup with the concept of the Utilitarian Airport, besides the great view, a plane parked on a side of the great stage are just a few of the elements that will contribute on , what we think to be , a great party.
We tend to think that our website always tried to be something else and although our parties are not on a weekly/monthly basis we tried to give you a diferrent experience. Thus being said , this summer we will try again to bring you another recipe : electronic music combined with the ambient of an airport. So on 15th and 16th of July we will have a electronic 2 night party on Timisoara’s Utilitarian Airport . We splitted the lineup in two parts, based on the different styles we will approach :

Friday 15th Lineup :

Limun (Subcarpati)

With a genre that spreads from turntablism,hip hop,glitch to ghetto funk/dnb/breakbeat , Dj Limun is , at his early age, one of the most active DJ’s in romanian underground scene . One of the regulars at Iarmaroc ,TmBase Summer Jam Limun also opened names like : Afu-Ra, Phi Life Cypher, A Skillz or JFB. K .

K-LU (Dreptu la Verde)

K-lu also comes from Timisoara and uses to spin his records alone or in b2b’s with Limun . Defines his style as : funk , nujazz , afrobeat , hip-hop , bossa nova , broken beat and breaks ; K-Lu has a great pasiune for everything that involves turntablism so you can expect a lot of scratches in his sets .

Leizaboy (AnonimTM)

Leizaboy started mixing in public in 2001. Since then, he participated at events both in the country and abroad: 48 Hours Festival (Timisoara, Romania), TMBase Festival - Timisoara, Rock la Mures Festival-Periam Port, Graz School of Architecture Festival – Graz (Austria), Garana Jazz Festival. He is a member of the anonimTM Organization(Timisoara) and for about 3 years, together with DJ Dubase from Guerilla Outernational they form a unique duo in Romania, creating soundtracks for mute films at events such as Transilvania Film Festival (TIFF).

Newgotti (AnonimTM)

After a short journey in the vast nothingness of underground, Newgottimet the AnonimTM crew and became a proud member of their gang. Quickly came the next part, he found true sense of good music, wicked vibes and party’s. Since Newgotti joined AnonimTM, he became a well known sound pusher. He’s spinnin records now all over the place and promoting wicked party’s alongside the AnonimTM gang and his dj friends as well.
Newgotti can be characterized as a true BASS music pusher. His sets are based on Dubstep , 2-step, Uk Garage combined with Jungle , Breaks , 4×4 , Electro always bearing his personal imprint.

Alexandru Jijian (Mango)

Alexandru Jijian was guest at our 2nd anniversary and he impressed us with both his main act and his wonderfull b2b afterhour with TBF .  “I haven’t tried to integrate in the clubbing / dance euphoria scene in a different way than how I started: I continue to be a loyal nightlife consumer, I have my own vision of the Romanian electronic music scene and I work hard to bring it to life.” is how Jijian describes his sound .

Saturday 16th Lineup :

MarcMan (The Factory)

He is a dj and producer from Bacau that loves the oldsound of  Techno and House . MarcMan started producing at the early age of 18 , feeling that he could do more than just being a dj .  He released on at Quanticman Records,Homage RecordsHector Moralez‘s The Factory and also has a direct support from Phil Weeks . His sets consists mainly in his own productions and we think he is another talented yound dj/producer that deserves everyones attention .

TBF (Mango)

Maybe one of the most promising chicago house artist , young TBF released his ep at Hector Morales‘s label  The Factory. Also one of  Dj Sneak favourite romanian artists , TBF promises to be another big hit of the romanian house scene . TBF was another guest at our 2nd year anniversary and since we were so impressed with his skills we decided he would be perfect for this outdoor experience .

Praslea (Arpiar)

Praslea is an intriguing and groundbreaking character of the Romanian clubbing scene, with or without his golden apples , which could have easily been Raresh, El Cezere and Kozo, some of his closest and most constant work mates. From the early electronic small parties in his native town Sibiu, to warm-up for Zip, Luciano, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Loco Dice and gigs at DC10 Ibiza-Circoloco or Chalet Torino – Timewarp Club Edition , Praslea has risen to an international state in a very short period of time.

Petre Inspirescu (Arpiar)

We guess that Pedro doesn’t need any introduction : known worldwide for his gigs with or without Raresh or Rhadoo , with which he formes to famous Arpiar . Pedro is also know after his four year residency at Circoloco, Dc10 Ibiza . His DJ sets are as sonically baffling as they are irresistibly groovy; as a producer, his tracks are as unhinged as they are methodical . If you listened to him at least once, you know what we’re talking about.

So we wait for everybody to share our experience/vision on the two nights 15/16th of July on the Utilitarian Airport located on 1km outside of Timisoara via Calea Torontalului DN6 on the Airport Rave .

You can reach the location where Airport Rave party will take place, using the following map:

Put your safety belts on and prepare for take-off.

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