Christopher Ledger & Soms – Nightclubber Unknown 500

Christopher Ledger & Soms brought us a 74 mins music podcast with their unique and special touch. Somewhere between elegance, melancholia and yearning a silver lining of hope.

These two italian guys met up back in the 2014 in the wonderful city of Milan where Soms had just graduated at SAE while Christopher was studying music programmation (Max/MSP) and history and philosophy of music and art in a specialized institution.

Being both multidisciplinary artists and once having introduced each other to their approach and vision on art, the connection was instantaneous and kept growing in a very natural way as time passed.

Their collaboration goes on since several months and after different audio results, file exchanges and long talks on their visions and interests, they feel ready to put out their works anytime soon, releasing music mostly together but keeping their single artistic names.

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