Laurine Frost – Metafora Of The Wolves [NM009]

Unmistakably unbelievable, Laurine Frost’s fascination with the power of experimentalism keeps bringing around the enchantment of dead on sounds. Therefore, this month comes with a new vinyl release, one on which wild beasts are now put on wild beats. ‘Metafora of the Wolves’ is the latest achievement of Nervmusic label.

A breathtaking journey in the terrifying distant lands where packs of wolves scatter frozen woods reverberating hypnotic howls. And yes, what Laurine Frost does is obsessively interleaving distinctive sounds of nail-biting fear on a perfectly joined chart of rhythms. Actually, Laurine Frost’s releases have always been impressive. As a Hungarian producer and under different names, he became in less than 5 years an acclaimed artist of the international stage. Always into tech house and minimal, this new release couldn’t have been more painstakingly thought and felt. And what is more exciting comes from the fact that on side 2 Petre Inspirescu plays a remix we invite you to listen, a provocative incentive that says ‘Let’s feed the Wolf’.

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