Not Him, Nightclubber Podcast 59

Latest Nightclubber Podcast episode features as guest, an artist coming from the north of Holland, Leeuwarden city. Being a vinyl lover or deep and dark it is a also a pleasure to present him as a Nightclubber artist  because we invited him to join our crew.

Not Him is an alter ego of Andreas Bergmann that has been familiar for years in the Dutch underground scene, as a dj or party promoter in the north of Holland. Not Him isn’t much different as music style, but Not Him is more breakbeat. He started djing in ’96 and in ’98  he won the mix championship of northern Holland, became a dj resident in club Rock-it in ’99. In 2003 he won the famous mix championship organized by Id&T and started to work in the studio and improve his production side.

February this year 2012 he launched his new label Moral Fiber in order to release the music he loves, feels, no matter what other people may think. The summer seems to smile look good for Not Him, his upcoming gigs include names RareshtINI, Magda, Mathew Dear and more.

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