Nu Zau, Nightclubber Podcast 128

We are pretty sure that our 128th guest on Nightclubber Podcast is no stranger to our listeners, but he agreed to have a little chat with us and answer some questions. Hit play while your at it and enjoy a beautiful 128 minute podcast from Nu Zau.


1. First of all we know that there is a lot of hard work behind Nu Zau, but can you tell us some words about your life before electronic music?


Well, I’m addicted to my friends and music. I love simple and mundane things, walking through the city, nature, beer. These things help me create an equilibrium of sorts.


2. So when did it all started for you as a dj (and later as a producer) and more important what was the decisive moment?


The moment everything changed, I guess, was around the time when I started putting out my first releases, first vinyl record on Fear of Flying and first digital album on Archipel.


3. How did you meet Sepp and what is the concept behind Uvar?


We met through the musical scene and over time we became friends. Both of us had this idea of making something of our own, a label, a platform of sorts and that’s how Uvar got started.


4. Now we know that in the last couple of years you’ve been travelling a lot, can you give us some insight regarding the differences/similarities of the electronic music scene and how does the socio-economic state influence the electronic culture?


Most people have lots of things in common in this scene, I’ve noticed. The main differences I’ve found usually come out in the cultural sense, though. Some people might have some other interests besides music, some might not and some of them might be more “in tune”, let’s say, to the whole musical genre. I can’t really say I’ve noticed any socio-economic aspects and consequences, i don’t really pay attention to that sort of thing.


5. Can you tells us what was your longest tour abroad and what was your favourite gig?


My longest tour abroud was in North America, for nearly one month. Favourite gig was definitely the one from Stereobar in Montreal.


6. What do you think about the american music scene, how close are they to us as romanian clubbers?


Well, they are not that far, mentality wise anyway. I went to some pretty cool parties there. A lot of promoters and pushing the underground scene further and further, booking Romanian DJs and people are reacting unexpectedly well to it.


7. Where would you like to play in the near future?


Fabric London for sure.


8. Describe your latest release in a few (or more) words.


My latest release is coming out this November on Castanea with two original tracks and two remixes from Dewalta and U-More. The tracks are a bit older – “Mult Asteptatul” and “Fum e” and the release is a bit more housier I guess than what I’ve put out lately.


9. What can we expect from Nu Zau in the future? Plans?


Just the same old, same old. A few releases in the words on UVAR or Why so Series.


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