OdD, Nightclubber Podcast 120

Damian and Danny are no strangers to music, born into the life from musician fathers they grew up on the sounds of Reggae in their youth. This sound would become their main inspiration, as well as their shared passion for raw drums, nasty undertones, and pulsating atmospheric synths.Together they began to harness their skills and musical knowledge to develop a distinctive sound unlike any other, a sound that can only be described as OdD.

The DJ duo enjoy playing long extended vinyl sets back to back that combine many different styles of House and Techno from old to new, mixed up with their own productions that come together in a very special way. They create a special journey while always remembering to deliver the element of surprise through unpredictable sets while EQ’ing each mix differently to create a sound that is truly their own.

As producers the duo have been developing their OdD style for many years integrating analogue sound into the digital era. They love the use of creative sampling or writing original compositions. In 2012 during the warm summer months, their OdD Music label was born. This brainchild became the canvas for them to release their musical visions to a small audience.

In 2013 OdD saw another new release on Moscow Records with Moscillation and then in 2014 they joined the Sol Asylum family with their release Long Time Coming. With their one of a kind approach to production and DJing things can only get OdD from here on out.

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