Oskar Offermann, Nightclubber Podcast 67

A relative newcomer to the 4×4 area he occupies now, the Frankfurt-born, Berlin-based  Oskar Offermann has been nothing short of ambitious since it took hold. In 2007 he founded the cheekily named, graphically focused White label as a hub for his own productions, as well those by his friends including Edward, Nu, Martin Zadak, and Tristen.

A second label followed in 2011, Rimini, which puts a premium on being vinyl-only and has offered eccentric edits from a varied crowd.  He also collaborates with Moomin, and most recently remixed a track on that fellow Berliner’s Sweet Sweet EP on Smallville.

We invite you to take a listen to our latest Nightclubber Podcast episode  featuring Oskar Offerman, a podcast that will definitely make you move your feet in these bright sunny days.

More info here.

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