Pepp, Nightclubber Podcast 33

Petar Kanjiev or Pepp, as you may already know him, is a dental medicine student from Bucharest (originally from Bulgaria) driven by a force consisting in unlimited music passion, that is ranging from groundbreaking character to elegantly wasted rhythm. His main interest consists in expressing himsef through sound and connect with people who are sharing the same emotions and interest regarding music and art in its diferrent forms. –źlways searching for a new dimension of sound, he describes his musical selection as pure, alive and carrying the soul of past and present/influence and inspiration.

Pepp is the kind of artist that takes you by surprize, at least for us it had this effect, so we couldn’t keep this just for us and thought we should share this one by inviting you to listen to our 33th Nightclubber Podcast featuring the talented Pepp.

More info here.

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