Pheek, Gazing Through the Midnight Mist [Climat03]

The Montreal based techno producer Pheek releases the new 2×12” disk on Climat label. Gazing Through the Midnight Mist is Climat’s 3rd vinyl and it is set for the 4th quarter of 2013.

Pheek has already released noticeable tracks on labels such as Minus, Contexterrior or Telegraph. This time it is Climat’s turn to go far with Pheek’s productions of uplifting vibes. Pheek’s music is underlined by complex effects and deep sounds that create a strange and an unconventional impression in the listener’s memory. Always passionate about  expected versus unexpected, synchronized versus unsynchronized, weirdrythmics, depth noises Pheek is killing it with Gazing Through the Midnight Mist.

The disc’s artwork was made by Max Binski.

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