Pheek, Ice EP review – Climat 001

In an interview with music platform Kana a few years back, Jean Patrice-Remillard, better known as Minimal Techno connoisseur, Pheek, remarked that he felt he had accomplished his personal goals insofar as his music was concerned: a testament to his achievements and skill as a musician. This is particularly striking for a man, who, regardless of the shifts of public opinion and trends of the media has arguably spent the past decade redefining the ‘Minimal’ blueprint, while leaving his own idiosyncratic mark on the genre.

So for an artist with such a long involvement in the genre and extensive back catalogue of releases, there is always the question of when will he trip up? Surely his musical output cannot remain that consistent given the length of his career? Yet with his 27th (!) 12” release it’s not only surprising but reassuring how Montreal native Jean-Patrice Remillard’s music manages to be consistent, stylistically diverse and still retain that quality which is markedly Pheek.

Right from the onset, all the familiar hallmarks of a Pheek record are here; his immaculate pristine soundworld, sonorous sub bass, and drum patterns that are woven into the click & glitch elements of the track until the two components are indistinguishable from each other. However, around the five minute mark of the first track, something magical happens. An initially hesitant, woozy synth creeps in, building till it gradually submerges the track in a haze of analogue synth splendour- an effect that is as disorientating as it is playful. Although the other tracks don’t quite match up to the cosmic other worldliness of the A side, they highlight Pheek’s sleight of hand as a producer and attention to detail, bringing to the fore his ear for sound design. The rest of the record acts almost as a masterclass in dance music deconstruction, introducing and playing with all the hallmarks of mid noughties Minimal; the slowly evolving musical changes, the gradual percussive manipulations and unsettling FX imbedded in the mix.

The fact that the music on this record is simultaneously challenging and enjoyable speaks volumes about Remillard’s talent as a producer, and after over a decade of releasing innovative music, Pheek’s latest shows a mature producer still very much at the top of his game.

“Climat is short-term project where art meet music on canvas of seasonal inspiration. Just like food markets and restaurants who pick produce of the moment, Climat feels the vibe of a incoming solstice to bring a musical-visual inspiration. Releases are limited to a number of copies and all tracks are meant to be collaborations. Medias and artists can contact us through this page.”

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