Pheek, Nightclubber Podcast 50


Since this is the 50st episode of Nightclubber Podcast we would like to celebrate, having a special episode from Pheek, one unique artist that has devoted his life to electronic music.

Montreal’s dj/techno producer/owner of the minimal techno label “Archipel”/ Jean-Patrice Remillard, the techno artist “hiding” behind the Pheek project, owns his fame and recognition among worldwide known djs, to his back in the late 80’s discovery and exploration of acid house and to his early in the 90’s interest in raves. He knew just how to bring together his fascination for the mystery of sound producing with his passion in computer science. Due to that and some major turning points that destiny rewarded him with, he managed to stand apart from the wave of Canadian minimal techno DJs and  gain international reputation, performing in over fifteen countries.

Now, if we are to point out the vital events, the decisive collaborations that had a huge effect on his career, over the years, we should definitely start with his early teaming with Mateo Murphy. The ambitions computer science student and his “brother” in musical concept got noticed, as they performed together, by Hautec Recordings which lead to the release of the 12” ERS 1-2-3, a true booster for the two ambitious DJs’ careers.

From the most notable successes in the years to come, we cannot leave out the names of important new collaborators such as Mitchell Akiyama, releasing with Germany based netlog Thinner, his „adoption” by the Epsilonlab media collective. One collaboration lead to another and new and new releasing, with new labels, such as the Minus, Telegraph or Contexterrior lead to the “birth” of his own label: “Archipel”. It represents, in fact, the concretization of Pheek’s dream of building up a team of minimal techno artists who share his ideas upon electronic music. Thus, not only that he succeeded in reaching one of his major goals, that of his and Jesse Somfay‘s very first vinyl, „Galapagos Excursion Joint 1”, release, but he also granted gifted, highly creative, open-minded techno DJs all over the world the chance to create music using the tools he put at their disposal on the site and minimal techno music fans the chance to listen to these artists’ creations.

If you love letting yourself transported by high quality minimal sounds, if you appreciate the idea of experimenting and always pushing your creativity’s limits as a techno musician, if you’re crazy about way-out rhythms, then you’re the ideal receptor of Pheek‘s music!

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