Pherox – Gabrielle BROUQADE 018


The coming of spring also marks the release of the first vinyl of the year for Brouqade Records feauturing Pherox‘s “Gabrielle” and two remixes from Beroshima and romanian wizard Rhadoo. The original track is in Pherox’s usual style, percussive and modulated but, while groovy, it’s sort of confusing and heavily lacking substance and direction. Next, Beroshima‘s remix pulls the track more towards the peak-time techno realm by adding some energy.
Finally, we get to the good bit, which is Rhadoo‘s remix, and I can tell you, having heard it on the dancefloor, it packs a good hypnotic punch in the early morning hours on a decent sound system. The way Rhadoo can transform any track, from an almost lifeless cutting and pasting of samples, into an organic flow of harmoniously balanced array of sounds is just pure wizardry to me.

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