Phrasis Veteris, Nightclubber Podcast 34

Phrasis Veteris is a duo project that started around 2006 when Ginel met Adrian and realizaed they shared a common vision regarding sound. They’ve just released their first ep titled Valahia on All Inn Records (All Inn Black), release that already has great support from romanian and non-romanian artists . We invite you know them better in the below interview and more about their sound vision in our 34th edition of Nightclubber Podcast .

1. Hello guys how are you ?

Hello! We are fine, thank you, we’re trying to continue our work and give the best from now on.

2. Give us some details about your first encounter with electronic music ?

Ginel : I think it was in 2003 when I had my first encounter with electronic music in a well-known club from Bacau , ZEBRA.

Adrian : I think it was in 2003 or 2004 I don’t remember exactly. I went to a party at Zebra Club Bacau when Margaret Dygas played there. It was something new and interesting.

3. How did the two of you meet ?

We first met in a club in 2006 where Adrian was a resident dj and I liked very much his kind of music, he had a different style from the others that I had listened till then live. We shared ideas about the vision of each other concerning the music.

4. What does “Phrasis Veteris” stand for ?

Phrasis Veteris comes from latin language and means style, old phrases, old expression.

5. It’s clear that when you start a duo/multi member project one must share a common vision , but still there is always a individual twist in the genre. Can you give us some details about these differences and how you manage to keep a certain line in the project ?

Ginel : Yes certainly there are small differences between our visions. I enjoy more deep style , after party; combining our ideas we got to a result and we managed to express it in our first release Phrasis Veteris- Valahia.

Adrian :Yes, that’s true, but that is a good thing because the ideas are just flowing. I’m more with percussions and simple bass lines, generally minimal sounds. Along with my mate’s ideas we’ve managed to do something that launched us out there with the help from a well known label All Inn Records.

6. When it comes to producing one can have many inspirations , what does inspire you or better yet how does the creative process work ?

Ginel : Generally speaking I find my inspiration from all the genres: dubstep, garage, ambient etc.

Adrian : I try to stay in touch with everything that sounds interesting and different, even a tree’s swing helps. About the genres that I like I have to say that trip hop inspires me a lot.

7. We know that you’ve just launched your Valahia ep on All Inn Records , can you give some insight about the release ?

Our first release is a great work that we began 2 years ago and we finished it this year in July. All Inn Records contacted us, they were looking for something new and we succeeded to satify their wishes and with this occasion we want to thank to all that gave us a hand to this launch and promotion of this release.

8. There were a lot of good feedbacks and we seen a lot of footages with Rhadoo playing your tracks , could we expect some reworks from him or someone else ?

This is our wish, this stands to their appreciation if our next tracks will be played by them or other djs . We had a lot of positive reactions and this motivates us more and more for the future.

9. Best gig/club you ever played ?

Adrian : With Ginel I haven’t been anywhere but alone I had some gigs in cities like Napoli, Budapest, Wien, Leeds, Newcastle. I have to say the best gig was at Mint Club in Leeds, amazing crowd and a good sound system.

10. Future plans and collaborations ?

We have some future plans, we think that it is going to be a release that we are working to a known label.

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