Piticu, Jeefo – ARMA 05

Arma Label brings out a new impressive sound collection that flourished from within the growing Romanian scene, a space of uninterrupted artistic expression. The 13th of May turns speakers louder with the release of ‘Arma 05’ by Piticu and Jeefo, two of the most listened and appreciated artists of the electronic Romania. Side by side on a collectable vinyl, Piticu and Jeefo obstinately want to take you on a floating voyage of pristine relaxation and energetic hertz.

This vinyl walks on fire with its controlled power just waiting to be unleashed. What Piticu and Jeefo have created seems taken from another world, one of intimacy set in motion, of powerful tonalities beautifully balanced with a light element of stripped down musicality.
Take a glimpse at the future of electronic music with this new release of Arma Label: Piticu and Jeefo on the siding lines of the vinyl’s grooves.

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