Playground Vol 1 (VRS 001)

Playground Vol.1 is a collection of 3 tracks by forward-thinking producers such as DJ Pi Ge, Hello? Reateat Soundsystem and DeWalta. The 3 artist joined forces to release a diverse, kaleidoscopic and unique mix of songs, where the production values are highlighted to the max and where the music is truly the star under the spotlight.

Hello? Repeat Soundsystem is left with the not-so-easy task of opening up the release with the first number on the playlist, “Elevate Escalate”: He accomplished the task quite well, as the song feels like a perfect choice to lead into the set list with its dense atmospheres and clever sonic architecture. The track’s beat-heavy arrangement also features dark and gritty soundscapes, as well as cool bass lines with a tech-y feel and scattered vocal samples: strictly underground!

The second track, “Be My Man”, curated by DeWalta, leads the mix towards a more melodic dimension, as jazz inspired samples and beautiful vocal melodies make their entrance, without overpowering the original vibes of the musical flow. The setlist feels organic, constantly evolving and acquiring new elements seamlessly.

DJ Pi Ge’s closing number, “Sanmonban”, strikes with hypnotic beats, glitchy percussion and beautifully textural bass lines.

These 3 tracks make up for a dense and thought-provoking listening experience, the concept is absolutely spotless and the execution is impeccable, as these different producers seem to be perfectly in sync with the vibes their trying to achieve.

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