Praslea, Tresvibes 6TH Anniversary at Womb Tokyo – 24 May 2013

An extraordinary atmosphere is expected at the Tresvibes 6th anniversary on the 24th of May 2013 at Womb Club (Tokyo, Japan). The party starts at 11 p.m. and breathtaking artists have been invited at this event and the success is absolutely guaranteed.

This event has a special guest – Praslea (a:rpia:r / Understand), who is considered to be an intriguing character of the international clubbing scene due to his specific style of mixing.

The line-up includes also important DJs that played at Womb before: Satoshi Otsuki (well-known in the Japanese dance music scene), PI-GE (famous for his unusual combinations of old and new) and Kikiorix.

As regards other DJs that complete this unique line-up, Kabuto (Cabaret / Lair), Ryosuke (Rush) and Junki Inoue (Heike) will perform at the Vip Lounge and Kiccio & Sin, Toshiyuki Goto and Walkers at the Middle Lounge.  Moreover, guests from Womb Lounge will be delighted – Taro (Op.Disc), Gonno (WC / Merkur/ International Feel), Timo (Raft Tokyo), Hal (Raft Tokyo) will perform for them.

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