Priku – Zori De Zi Review

The story of Priku starts in 2004, back when a then relatively obscure Ricardo Villalobos dropped the now seminal LP Au Harem D’Archimède, back when minimal was fast becoming the mainstay of dancefloors worldwide and back when Adrian Niculae aka Priku first started his career as a DJ/Producer.  Fast forward to the present Priku has played alongside  luminaries such as Rhadoo, Luciano, Villalobos and released original material on [a:rpia:r] and  is now onto his second release on  All Inn Record’s  sublabel-  All Inn Black.

As with previous releases the influence of microhouse & minimal is prevalent on his latest offering, yet where so many other producers who also fetish over and take influence from early/mid noughties House music and who never go further than creating a pastiche of this sound, Priku manages to transcend the confines of genre limitation through his attention to detail and ear for melody.

A side Morning Haze sets the tone for the release, with its pulsating, driving bassline, tribal drums centred around a groove that evolves and fluctuates throughout the nine minutes. It’s very much to Priku’s credit that he takes a simple groove oriented idea,  and through his compositional talent & melodious attention to detail ( be it the patter of snares to indicate a new section or carefully spliced vocal sample) crafts a mini musical saga of loop based polyrhythms. Despite the relative rigidness of the groove, the track is playful, with its warm chords and rolling tribal drum samples, that perfectly offsets the driving bassline.

 Where the A side puts you in mind of an early morning slowburner to lift the spirits after a night of  dancing, the B side’s Spiritu Haret could be seen as the track that kicks proceedings off with its insistent claps and syncopated kick drum pattern. The dry synth stabs & piano loops add meat to a skeletal drum track, while allowing Priku to play with his innovation as a producer without sacrificing the tracks lean structure. Through adding wispy, almost inscrutable sonic textures and the faintly heard trickling water FX, Spiritu Haret flows seamlessly  from one musical transition to the next, encompassing the listener in a vista of sound.

Clocking in at just over twenty minutes  for two tracks without getting tiresome, Morning Haze is one of Priku’s most accomplished and mature efforts to date, a must for those who like their dance music intricately crafted, and both mentally stimulating as well as  physically so.

Released by: all inn black 
Release date: Sep 26, 2012

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