Radiq – Eastern Hemisphere EP including Thomas Melchior & Margaret Dygas

Music enthusiasts from around the world, we happily announce a new vinyl release from Radiq, also included Thomas Melchior and Margaret Dygas. Labeled by Cosmo Records, Eastern Hemisphere EP part.1 & part.2 blends elements of euphoric minimal, jazzy scratches, hot insanity and funky sexiness.

What Radiq does is merging diverse cultural beauty with spectacular hypnotic stories of continuous pleasure and clear beat stops. Eastern Hemisphere takes over our endorphin releasers and acts surgically upon the senses. Everything is about sophisticated intricateness of raging techno, minimal, energetic, and crystal clear voices that come from the sublimely exotic Khansa Batma, a Moroccan girl singer deeply into enhanced jazz feeling and funk grooving.

It is thus one of the best releases of the year for Cosmo Records. It really brings that ecstatic feel music should be about. Eastern Hemisphere EP awaits your senses. Just listen and get ready for a total experience on the club sound systems.

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