RADIQ, Nightclubber Podcast 127

Born in Osaka 22nd January 1968, Yoshihiro HANNO aka RADIQ is an internationally renowned musician/composer whose field of work has been expanding from movie soundtracks to orchestral pieces, as well as electronics music. In 1997 he was highly acclaimed for his electronic music releases in Europe, which led him to move to his homebase to Paris since 2000.

”Music which is hot as blood and transparent as water” This is the word that Yoshihiro HANNO who symbolized, blessed and sticked to “diversity of music” itself without fear in his various musical styles had explained in his own words placing the word as common feeling through all of his works. This word is brilliantly penetrated also on RADIQ. It will be “hotness of blood” indicates “thickness with history of black music” and “transparency of water” does “to progress it boldly without limitation of its roots”. This is exactly the core of “the music”: Yoshihiro HANNO.

In 2004 RADIQ’s innovative sound caused a sensation with 1st album [GRAFFITI & RUDE BOY 67’]. In 2005 2nd album pTomorrow’s Quest] and imprint single pThe Grass Roots ep feat Paul St.Hilaire] (aka TIKIMAN) including brilliant remixes by Akufen and Dimbiman were released on Logistic Records. In 2007 he started new project with Fumiya Tanaka making tracks forcus on dance floor as DARTRIIX on their label op.disc. In 2013 RADIQ released [Eastern Hemisphere EP1& EP2] featuring Moroccan Singer Khansa Batma and including remixes by Melchior Production and Margaret Dygas on Cosmo records, also imprint album Vida Noir on op.disc. His works released on op.disc, Sundance, Musique Risquée, Cosmo records, Philpot, Pluie/Noir and more.

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