Raresh at Gare Porto – 9 June 2013

Portugal gets better and better in terms of electronic music, proving itself to be a one of the best places to go when party is what you think about. And if the 9th of June is your day off, our recommendation is Gare Porto, the place where the roots of old house, the depths of techno sensations and the future of electronic euphoria meet their ends and start an event to remember.

By future we mean experimentation and with this we say Raresh, one of the most appreciated artists from Romania, who will raise his hands up along João Maria, a native Portuguese deep into tech house, and Mood2Dub, a project aiming at the return of the 90’s, the recapturing of black music influences, a golden age for many.

So, make sure the 9th of June finds you at Gare Porto in Portugal this year, because Raresh, João Maria and Mood2Dub are not to be missed.

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