Red Dot Relief helping Japan

Mister Jay Haze is widely known for his skills both as a dj and as a producer . In the later years though , he kinda abandoned the music industry , stating that these days the scene is rotten . This doesn’t mean he stoped producing music or djing (releasing his latest album Love=Evolution for free) .

He moved to Lima – Peru and started humanitarian acts both in the slums there and around the world through his organization. Raising funds and give it to the poor people that what is all about for Jay right now . He even donated most of booking fees for these acts.

By now you probably all know about the disaster in Japan , so Jay really is involved in this and started to raise funds through his charity networks DJ’s4DRC, Peace Boat and more recently Red Dot Relief .

“You know, as i know what is happening in Japan right now, i cant help it but cry and cry. I’m not ashamed to say, the world is full of evil, and we need to wake up. I just did an interview with nuclear survivors from japan 2 weeks ago- I will post it soon, and to now see another catastrophe related to nuclear power, just as i was dedicating my time to this exact cause of a NUCLEAR FREE WORLD. well, u get the point….”

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