Rejam 1st Anniversary with K.D Chriss, Mihigh and Soul Capsule

In late 2010 the concept for REJAM originated through a passionate chit chat between a small group of friends expressing their ideas for creating a platform through which they could share their mutual love for electronic music to an audience that would appreciate it.Since its creation, ‘REJAM‘ has been wrapped in a fresh, unique and quirky image that the group has all grown to love and cherish.

A year has passed since the concept was born and Rejam is preparing to host a 1 year anniversary with a lineup that we think is, at least, worth mentioning: headlining the event is Soul Capsule, the symbiotic duo formed by Thomas Melchior and Baby Ford, followed by the two residents of Club Midi, Kid Chriss and Mihigh. You can also enjoy sounds bt Manuel Schatz & Max Vaahs, Jack Doyle and NPD. Everything wrapped around at Crucifix Lane in London on 30th of March.

More info here.

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