Review Costin Rp – “Back To The Future Ep” – PTXS 008

Costin Rp puts down some energetic and forward-thinking tunes that greatly fit to such a authentic and artistic label like Pressure Traxx. Coming from Bucharest, the Romanian artist has been heard and recognized for a while now and his approach to his devotion of underground music, follows and affects his unique productions.
The Frankfurt based label Pressure Traxx is well known among music lovers and Back To The Future is Pressure Traxx Silver Series 8th release so far. Since its creation in 2012 it is no exaggeration to say that Pressure Traxx has assembled a series of unique and outstanding releases and luckily there are more to come.

Now this release is definitely one of a kind but what does it sound like? Well in Back To The Future its present melody makes entrance from the very beginning of the track and things progress with a minimum of discomposure although high of complexity. Thrilling and blooming sounds and the decisive and very characteristic melody create a loafing atmosphere and embody fiction as well as space together. While leading the listener into an universe which might or not might be back in the future it is a perfect track to escape reality and enter a different dimension – or let’s say dance floor.

The second track The Queen completes the EP very well as the melody here is less significant in the track although the silky journey into a mysterious spacey atmosphere continues. Costin Rp created a pleasant surrounding that is moving you away from any stress or hustle. The melody, just like in Back To The Future, underscores and complements the groove and rhythm of the track and the components which were chosen carefully were put together perfectly. All in one both track have one mind-altering affect on the listener and it is one captivating and and sweeping EP which I can’t wait to hear on the dance floors.



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