Review Rhadoo – Arhiva EP UNDERSTAND003


Romanian record label Understand has reached its third installment and it continues to deliver massively, in the same respect as the previous two.
Understand 003 “Arhiva EP” features two tracks, one on each side, from Romanian veteran Rhadoo.

The A side “Cum Oare” is the more dancefloor oriented of the two, having a fast tempo hypnotic quality to it that is sure to keep many dancing in the early mornings. This track really grabs your attention to the organized chaos of intricately modulated sounds for the whole length.

The B side “Geemac” is more stripped down and raw sounding, a welcome touch of deepness from Rhadoo. The tempo is lower but that just gives the track more room to breathe in between a thin melodic chord and a female chorus. As we’ve become accustomed with Rhadoo’s unique works, his shortened claps and steady hats give this track enough groove to power it up. An abundance of filter sounds, noises and modulated voice keep you well into it.

This then is a masterpiece of the minimalist kind that keeps Rhadooand this young record label at the forefront of underground electronic music with some much needed uniqueness that helps inspire many in times like these, when all we seem to hear is copy-cats and never ending rip-offs.

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