Rhadoo, Praslea, Cezar, Alexandra, Kozo at Nordstern on 26th February

Located in the old “Unterwerk” of Basels Power Plant, Nordstern has profiled itself over the last ten years as an open and broad-minded culture-institution in Basel, an institution, that animates, that touches and moves – culture without any blinder and with it’s finger on the pulse of time.

This Sunday, 26th of February, Nordstern is preparing to host a full range romanian spectrum of sound featuring artists from the Sunrise roster. First of all one can enjoy Rhadoo, an artists that doesn’t need much of a introduction, followed by Praslea, Understand‘s Cezar, Alexandra and Kozo. The second floor will host artists like Michel Sacher, Adrian Martin, Gianni Callipari.

More info here.

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