Rhadoo’s fabric 72 Limited Edition 10″ Vinyl Samplers

Rhadoo has selected 4 tracks from the famous fabric 72 mix series and created a pair of 10” limited edition vinyls that will be released in 2014. This invincible tracklist will be released in only 300 copies, so if you want to purchase it you’d better hurry up.

On Sampler 1 Adrian Niculae shares with us a little bit of his metallic sounds and mechanical grooves through the conTRASt track. If you are more into a dreamy mood, then Yourayo presents a piano refrain combined with some gentle sounds in Blueprint.

Always searching for the perfect sounds, Traian Chereches shows us in Fast Lane 4 the meaning of a quick but precise journey into the groovy world of house music. Alongside Fast Lane 4, Vlad Caia’s Ticktockclockityclock sounds like a deep minimal poetry that completes perfectly the second sampler.

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