Roger Gerressen & Ivano Tetelepta, Nightclubber Podcast 64

Because we’re always trying to do something different our latest Nightclubber Podcast returns with a fresh idea, of a set recorded by two artists. Roger Gerressen and Ivano Tetelepta are two like-minded house/techno lovers from Nijmegen, Netherlands and are both co-founders of the ESHU collective/label/mindstate. ESHU consists of: Roger Gerressen, Ivano Tetelepta, Jocelyn Abell and Daniel Lekatompessy and they try to create techno music in all shapes and forms. When using their own names, the result is often a mix of house and techno, but it’s always with an underground feel.

After solo releases that both did in the past for Wolfskuil Ltd, Fear Of Flying and Sudden Drop to name a few, lately they’ve also started to do collaborations. This resulted in upcoming EP’s on MakeSense Rec. from Paris and Fasten Musique from Tokyo, both to be released later this year. And there’s more coming because it’s simply a joy to listen this story told by Roger and Ivan or to sample their solo releases available on vinyl.

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