Rokolectiv Festival 2012 Opening Night at National University Of Music

The 7th edition of Rokolectiv – Festival for Electronic Music and related Arts will take place between 19th and 22nd of April in Bucharest’s MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art) and other venues, with concerts, performances, installations and film screenings. The program will be as diverse as every year.

An opening concert is set to take place with the unorthodox German pianist Haushka, as well as the avant pop singer Maria Minerva.

During the other 3 days of the festival some special appearances are to be discovered: Dixon, Matias Aguayo, freshed-faced London duo Disclosure, the young Glaswegian producer Koreless, the mysterious electronica chanteuse Emika, Portland’s finest house & vogue band The Miracles Club and other acts to be announced soon.

More info here.

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